56th ESReDA Seminar

56th ESReDA Seminar On:

Critical Services continuity, Resilience and Security

May 23rd – 24th, 2019, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria

Vital services continuity is a major societal security issue in modern society. The supply of the vital services is guaranteed thanks to a large variety of Critical Infrastructures (CIs). Some CIs’ disruption may endanger the security of the citizen, the safety of the strategic assets and even the governance stability.

The CIs are more and more connected thanks to the information technology (IT) and supply services in every aspect in man’s daily-life. The continuous progress in the IT fields pushes modern systems and infrastructures to be more and more: intelligent, distributed and proactive. That increases not only the operational complexity of the CI’s but their vulnerability. The more complex a system is, the more vulnerable it will be and the more numerous are the threats that can impact on it. The loss of operability of critical infrastructures may, thus, lead to severe crises.

In order to report on the most recent developments in the field of the CIs preparedness & resilience MS&A and the availability of the relevant data, ESReDA will hold its 56th Seminar on the following thematic:

“Critical Services continuity, Resilience and Security”.

The 56th ESReDA seminar will be held on May 23‐24, 2019, hosted by Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria.

ESReDA would like to invite you and your collaborators to contribute to the success of this event by sharing a part of your research and most recent findings of your studies and projects.

The accepted proposals of contribution will be published by EC-JRC in the form of an EU-Tech Document as a final proceedings. Some of the accepted contributions will be selected for further publication in some journals after being updated and extended.

ESReDA seminars are one of the most attractive EU technical meetings where experts, engineers and relevant stakeholders gather and exchange their recent findings and outcomes of their projects and studies.

ESReDA bi-annual seminars cover all topics relative to system safety, reliability and risk analysis.

ESReDA seminars are thematic expert meetings aiming at monitoring progress in knowledge and best practices with a focus on one scientific-technical issue.

Do not hesitate to share the announcement with your collaborators and relevant contacts.

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Inga Zutautaite

2019-09-22&26_ESREL – Hannover

29th European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2019)
Hannover, 22 – 26 September 2019

organised by the Institute for Risk and Reliability, Leibniz Universität Hannover under the auspices of the European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA) and  in collaboration with the Association of German Engineers (VDI), the Liverpool Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, the Shanghai Institute of Disaster Prevention and Relief, the Leibniz Research Centre Energy 2015 (LiFE 2050), and the Confucius Institute Hannover.

The objective of ESREL 2019 is to provide an all-round inspiring environment and a multi-disciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge and expertise on theories and methods in the field of risk, safety and reliability, and on their application to a wide range of industrial, civil and social sectors and problem areas. This range is structured into 19 methodological topics and 23 application areas and sectors.

Papers presented at ESREL 2019 will be published in open access conference proceedings by Research Publishing Services, Singapore, and be indexed.

Post-conference special issues in indexed journals will be prepared based on extended versions of papers selected from the conference.

We would be very pleased to receive your valuable contribution and to welcome you at ESREL 2019!


31st October, 2018: Abstract submission deadline
30th November, 2018: Notification of acceptance
28th February, 2019: Full paper submission deadline
31st March, 2019: Notification of acceptance
30th April 2019: Final revised paper & registration