First International Symposium on Risk Analysis and Safety of Complex Structures and Components – IRAS2019.

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to submit abstracts for presentation at the First International Symposium on Risk Analysis and Safety of Complex Structures and Components (IRAS2019), which will be held in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal, from 1-2 July 2019 (

Abstracts within the scope of the several proposed symposia or covering general topics of the IRAS2019 are welcome. The current approved symposia are:

A – Probabilistic Fatigue & Fracture Approaches Applied to Materials and Structures.

B – Vibrations, fatigue and fracture problems in safety of engineering structures.

C – Structural Integrity of Renewable Energy and Oceanic Structures.

D – Structural Integrity of Lightweight Structures – experimental, theoretical and numerical approach.

E – Lifelines and Infrastructures Safety Evaluation (Manmade-, Natural-, and Multi‑Hazards).

F – Safety and Structural Integrity of Railway Structures and Rolling Stock.

G Failure mechanism and life assessment under defects.

H Environmental effect on structural integrity.

I Fatigue of Steel and Composite Structures.

More details about the symposia at

Abstracts Submission Deadline (new date): 31st January 28th February 2019

Abstracts proposals should be submitted to:

Accepted papers will be published in a Special Issue of the Open Access Procedia Structural Integrity, published by the Elsevier (

Various Special Issues in International Journals are also foreseen for publication of extended versions of selected papers.

We are pleased to inform about the invited speakers:

 – Prof. Hojjat Adeli, Ohio State University & Editor in Chief of Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, USA

« Machine Learning and Structural Health Monitoring »

 – Prof. Guian Qian, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Application of weakest link concept to fatigue and fracture assessment »

– Prof. Tomasz Nowakowski, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland

« From Reliability to Resilience: Advanced Challenges for Technical System Performances »

– Prof. Milan Veljkovic, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

« Overview of TUD-Stevin Laboratory fatigue research and recent results »

 More details at

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions and welcoming you in PORTO!

Best Regards,

IRAS2019 Chairs

Abílio M.P. de Jesus, António Abel Henriques, José A.F.O. Correia, Pedro A. Montenegro, Rui Calçada

First International Symposium on Risk Analysis and Safety of Complex Structures and Components – IRAS2019.

Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal

01-02 July, 2019


QR2MSE2019 Full Paper Submission Deadline Extended To 30th March, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

The 2019 International Conference on Quality, Reliability, Risk, Maintenance, and Safety Engineering (QR2MSE 2019) ( will be the major international event in the fields of quality, reliability, risk, maintenance and safety in 2019. The conference brings together experts from various industries, research organizations, regulatory authorities and universities. It offers a platform for exchange of innovative ideas, cutting-edge research results, and applications of materials, reliability and quality tools in design, manufacturing, and operation and maintenance of engineering systems. The multidisciplinary conference will also be an opportunity for researchers and practitioners, academics and engineers to meet, exchange ideas and gain insights from each other.

We cordially invite you to participate in the QR2MSE 2019 that to be held in August 06-09, 2019, in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China. You are expected to make contributions to our conference via submitting high quality papers and attending the conference.

For convenient most authors, the Full Paper Submission Deadline is now extended to 30th March, 2019. Please note that there will no more extension.

More detailed information can be found at or consulting with


Full Paper Submission Deadline February 10, 2018 Extended To March 30, 2019
Full Paper Acceptance Notification March 10, 2018 Extended To April 15, 2019
Camera Ready Papers Due March 30, 2018 Extended To April 30, 2019

QR2MSE  Conference Secretariat

Fax: +86-(0)28-61830227



Black-box Reliability Challenge 2019 – announcement

Hi everyone,

For the impatient:

As an offshoot of the discussion of this year’s workshop in Delft we would like to share with you the draft version of a website dedicated to a reliability benchmarking framework and reliability problem repository:

It will be followed by a reliability benchmarking challenge starting in next year February. We are still working to meet that deadline but we believe that we have sufficient material to be shared. We are curious to hear your opinion and incorporate your suggestions!

For the more thorough:

In this email we would like to give you an update on the progress and status of the Black-box Reliability Challenge 2019 and we kindly invite you to give your feedback on the provided material and benchmark framework tutorial.

First, a brief recap to remind you what is this all about. In January this year, we organized the workshop on the “Computational Challenges in the Reliability Assessment of Existing Structures” ( ). As a response, the workshop attendees expressed their strong desire to come up with an open, systematic, representative and reproducible benchmarking framework to assess the accuracy and efficiency of currently available reliability algorithms and those to come in the future. A first proposal for such benchmarking framework was made in April this year (see ), on which we received valuable feedback from multiple researchers. From then, you haven’t heard anything from us, since other projects required most of our attention. However, especially in the last few weeks we picked up the gauntlet again, and we made a lot of progress.

Our activities focuses on several aspects:

  • The set-up of a black-box challenge server on which the performance functions will be executed, and an interface to allow for input-output communication between participants and server;
  • The development of a repository with details of the challenge (short term goal) and, after closure of the challenge, the description, function files and visualization of performance functions (long term goal), see;
  • The development of a dedicated website for Black-box Reliability Challenge 2019, with detailed information of the challenge (will be made live early next year);
  • Selection of benchmark problems based on symbolic expressions and finite element models (related to problems in structural, geo-, hydraulic, and earthquake engineering);
  • The development of an approach to create representative (overfitted) surrogate models for the engineering related reliability problems.

It is our intention to complete all the tasks early next year, so that we can open the challenge in February 2019.

If your time permits, we would like to ask you to check the repository and to execute the tutorial on how you can participate to the challenge. Please, provide us your feedback by writing us an email or using a GitLab account. Your feedback will be used in the further development of the challenge framework. Finally, we would like to encourage you to forward this email into your network, so that more people can join the Black-box Reliability Challenge 2019.

Arthur Slobbe <>

Arpad Rozsas <>