Journée de la conception robuste et fiable – Toulouse – invitation et présentations

8 avril 2019 : bilan synthèse de la manifestation.

5 avril 2019 : mise en ligne des présentations.

12 février 2019 : invitation  au rendez-vous de la Journée Annuelle  du GST – AFM Mécanique et Incertain.


Message de Bruno Sudret sur le logiciel UQLab

Dear Colleague

The new version of UQLab (V1.2) was released on March 7, 2019.

UQLab is a general purpose Uncertainty Quantification software developed at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) made of interacting modules that solve all types of uncertainty quantification problems in engineering, economics and applied sciences: uncertainty propagation through Monte Carlo simulation (e.g. using surrogate models such as Gaussian processes, polynomial chaos expansions, support vector machines, etc.), sensitivity analysis, rare event estimations, etc.

Two new modules are released in V1.2:

  • Bayesian inference for inversion and model calibration allows the user to calibrate complex computational models with heterogeneous data in a simple manner, and to carry out model inversion in the large.

The UQLab infrastructure provides all the tools for posing inversion problems in no time, seamlessly use surrogate models together with various efficient MCMC (Markov Chain Monte Carlo) solvers.


  • UQLib is a collection of standalone routines for differentiation, optimization and for kernel methods that can be used independently from UQLab.


Moreover, the Sensitivity Analysis module has been enriched with methods that allow one to address problems with dependent input parameters.


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The UQLab Development Team

ETH Zürich | Chair of Risk, Safety & Uncertainty Quantification

Prof. Bruno SUDRET