Message de Bruno Sudret sur le logiciel UQLab : « UQLabCore is freely licensed to academic users (universities and public research institutions) ».

Dear colleague

The first stable version of UQLab (V1.0) was released on April 28th, 2017.

UQLab is a general purpose Uncertainty Quantification framework developed at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). As of V.1.0, it is made of a content management system called UQLabCore and open-source scientific modules, which allow users to carry out uncertainty propagation through computational models (e.g. Monte Carlo and derived simulation methods), sensitivity analysis (e.g. screening, variance-based methods, including Sobol’ indices), reliability analysis (a.k.a. rare events simulation) as well as to build surrogate models for general use (Gaussian process modelling (Kriging), polynomial chaos expansions, etc.).

UQLab V1.0 also introduces two new scientific modules for surrogate modelling, namely low-rank tensor approximations and PC-Kriging. Numerous in-line helper functions now complement the exhaustive HTML/PDF documentation and examples.

UQLabCore is freely licensed to academic users (universities and public research institutions). UQLab modules are available under the BSD license.

Visit our website www.uqlab.com. Register, download, enjoy!

The UQLab Development Team

ETH Zürich | Chair of Risk, Safety & Uncertainty Quantification

Prof. Bruno SUDRET



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