Short Course on Uncertainty Quantification

Communiqué de Americo Barbosa da Cunha Junior

Recently I taught an introductory course on UQ here in Brazil. I am sharing with you the slides of this course. Feel free to use this material for educational purposes, I hope it can be useful for your students. I am preparing (very slowly) an extended version of this material, as an introductory book. Part of the material is based on other introductory courses, from other colleagues in Brazil, USA and Europe. I tried to give credit to the original source of everything that I have used that is not of my own authorship. If I forgot to give credit to anyone, I apologize and I’ll be happy to be reminded about.

Thanks in advance for any comments, suggestions and especially criticisms.

Best regards.

Short Course on Uncertainty Quantification:

Americo Barbosa da Cunha Junior / Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics / Institute of Mathematics and Statistics / Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ)



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